Norwegian Championship for Teams

This traditional tournament is played for the 59th time in 2020, since SK 1911 won the first tournament in 1936.

There have been slightly different tournament formats along the way, but since 2007 Team NM is played as a weekend tournament, usually in the month of May. Oslo Schakselskap has won the title a full 32 times, but it is now 5 years since the last victory back in 2015. Since then SK 1911 has won 3 of 4 championships, while Vålerenga SK became champion for the only time in 2018. The noble calendar looks like this after the 2019 championship:

Oslo Schakselskap 32 championship

Bergens SK 7

Asker SK 5

SK 1911 4

SK Fischer

37 teams have one championship each.

The tournament is played over 6 rounds, with two rounds on Thursday 21/5, 1 round on Friday and Saturday, and 2 rounds on Sunday 24/5. The first round starts on Thursday 21/5 at 14, and the last round on Sunday 24/5 at 14.

The meditation time is 90 minutes for the whole party and 30 sec.

Each team consists of 4 players in each match, and up to 8 different players can be used during the tournament. Clubs can pose with as many layers as they want. The winner of the NM for club teams is offered to play in the European Club Cup Championship, which takes place in the 4th quarter each year.

Here, Norwegian teams have done you good in recent years, and Vålerenga SK in particular has claimed itself at the top. This year's European Championships are played in Austria 5-13 / 10. The contest for the Norwegian Championship title under the NM for Team in 2020 will be open, but many teams that can fight for the medals. There should also be good participation - the record from recent years is SK 1911's event in Oslo in 2015 with 350 participants - it should be beaten in 2020!