Norway's best and most humble party band!

Housequake will perform both on the award ceremony as well as the ChessParty Party on Saturday.

ChessParty Party: Doors open 11pm (ID: 18)

After more than 10 years as a professional, outstanding and notorious live artist with a number of record releases, will Petter Aagaard bring his well known quasi-exhibitionist energy, along with the band and two dancers.

Aagaard can safely be called "the music's answer to Ronaldinho", and he'll be now giving chess enthusiasts a floating funky Party Jam, along with four professional musicians who have previously played with Morten Abel, Ylvis, Mira Craig, √ėyvind Blunck and Satyricon, to name a few.

With HOUSEQUAKE you get hours of famous and beloved dance songs from the last 4 decades, which absolutely everyone can sing and dance along to.