ChessParty Party (Saturday)

ChessParty Party: Doors open 11pm (ID: 18)

Tonights entertainment will be Norway's best and most humble party band: HOUSEQUAKE! After more than 10 years as a professional, outstanding and notorious live artist with a number of record releases, will Petter Aagaard bring his well known quasi-exhibitionist energy, along with the band and two dancers.

Aagaard can safely be called "the music's answer to Ronaldinho", and he'll be now giving chess enthusiasts a floating funky Party Jam, along with four professional musicians who have previously played with Morten Abel, Ylvis, Mira Craig, Øyvind Blunck and Satyricon, to name a few.

With HOUSEQUAKE you get hours of famous and beloved dance songs from the last 4 decades, which absolutely everyone can sing and dance along to.

This night is set to be an outstanding evening for chess enthusiasts and players alike.

More info about the player party will be announced!